We empower rural communities with farming practices striking the best balance between social, environmental & economic benefits



Livelihoods funds are supported by private companies who work together to improve the livelihoods of rural communities while making their activities more sustainable



We work from farm to landscape level to generate mutual value for smallholder farmers, communities & businesses



We join forces with the public sector, NGOs & experts to maximize impact while reducing investment risks


Supply Chains

We transform the supply chains of our investors and business partners to create more value for smallholder farmers, businesses and society

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Carbon Credits
With High Social Value

We leverage the carbon economy to improve the livelihoods of rural communities while improving companies’ sustainability

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Ecosystem, Water
and Carbon Value Creation

We develop projects at landscape level to create public goods, contributing to effective climate change mitigation

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Large-scale projects creating value for all stakeholders


We join forces with NGOs, public institutions and experts to develop innovative projects based on performance & results in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


We support best-in-class NGOs in scaling up tested pilot projects, which empower farmers with efficient, affordable and replicable agricultural practices


We design projects at landscape level, across thousand of hectares, in order to maximize social, environmental and economic impact.


We implement and monitor projects on a 10 to 20 year span, thanks to our investors’ firm commitment. Results-based returns on our investment guarantee tangible impacts.

value creation

Our projects create benefits for rural communities (improved livelihoods…), public goods (water and nature conservation, CO2 sequestration…) and improve business sustainability (better sourcing, carbon credits with high social value…).

Our investors

Private companies working together
to deliver impactful solutions


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Our projects


We are hiring a Senior Coordinator- Sustainable Agriculture and landscape restoration projects

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Meet the people transforming the Araku Valley in India

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Interview: The Naandi Foundation’s ingredients to drive change at scale with thousands of farmers in India

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How to take sustainable farming practices to scale?

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An example with the ingenious composting units to restore soil fertility across 18,000 ha in the Livelihoods Araku #2 project in India The Livelihoods-Araku #2 project in India aims at...