Private companies building innovative solutions together
for better business in a better world

We all see that climate change is a reality. We all hear that poor rural communities are the first to suffer. We all know that business as usual cannot go on.

How can smallholder farmers continue to provide 70% of the world’s food when they cannot feed their own families? How can the world keep breathing when forests are disappearing and soils are undergoing constant degradation? How can businesses increase the sustainability of their activity without losing their competitive edge?

What if it were possible to tackle all these issues at the same time? What if businesses could be part of the cure, instead of always being seen as the disease? What if private companies could join forces to work with NGOs and the public sector, to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and create value for all?

The Livelihoods funds are supported by private companies who believe in working and learning together to effect change. Who are convinced smallholder farmers are key players in achieving food security on a global scale and preserving ecosystems. Who consider that the best way to support farmers is not by giving them money, but by empowering them through increased access to knowledge and technology.

The Livelihoods funds are about practical, efficient and replicable solutions to build more resilient communities and ecosystems, and sustainable businesses.


We join forces with
public institutions, NGOs, experts
& rural communities

The Livelihoods investment funds are supported by private companies committed to generating impact while offsetting their carbon footprint or transforming their supply chains. We work together to share knowledge and risks for project implementation and maintenance over periods of 10 to 20 years.
Companies have the opportunity to contribute beyond simple financing by providing expertise to the fund’s project developers and farmers.

Our investors

When addressing global challenges, no single institution can come up with solutions on its own.
We build performance-driven coalitions with public institutions, NGOs, experts and rural communities to co-create and implement impactful solutions that create value for all parties involved.

Our partners

The Livelihoods funds are advised by Livelihoods Venture, a social business based in Paris.
Livelihoods Venture is composed of a team of specialists who work closely with our partners to identify scalable solutions, conduct due diligence, co-design agronomic models, and monitor ongoing projects.


Building on lessons learned for greater impact

2008: The Danone Fund for Nature

Danone, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) created the Danone Fund for Nature with the following objectives: restoring degraded ecosystems, redeveloping local economies and combating climate change.

Danone was convinced of the necessity to invent a new model that would provide companies with a hands-on approach to sustainability. Rather than just offering them to simply buy carbon credits to offset their emissions, Danone imagined a model that would enable companies to work directly with project developers, in order to co-design projects that deliver strong social and economic impacts in addition to yielding high-quality carbon credits.

2011: The Livelihoods Carbon Fund (LCF)

Following the success of a mangrove restoration project in Senegal—the world’s largest mangrove restoration program to date—Danone decided to open the fund to new investors for even greater impact. The Danone Fund for Nature thus evolved into an independent entity in 2011, rebranded as the Livelihoods Carbon Fund. Nine other companies have since joined this fund: Schneider Electric, Crédit Agricole S.A., Michelin, Hermès, SAP, CDC Climat, La Poste, Firmenich, Voyageurs du Monde.

More about LCF

2015: The Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (L3F)

Building on the lessons learned with the Livelihoods Carbon Fund, a second investment fund was launched in 2015: the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (Livelihoods 3F). Its mission remains the same: restoring ecosystems in order to sustainably improve the incomes and livelihoods of rural communities. However, its investors obtain returns that go beyond carbon credits. The main goal of this second fund is to help companies sustainably transform their supply chains with smallholder farmers. L3F investors include Danone, Mars, Firmenich and Veolia.

More about L3F

2017: The Livelihoods Carbon Fund #2

Crédit Agricole, Danone, Firmenich, Hermès, Michelin, SAP, Schneider Electric & Voyageurs du Monde, strongly motivated by the results achieved by the initial Livelihoods Carbon Fund, these companies, launch a new Livelihoods Carbon Fund to accelerate their actions for climate & the most vulnerable populations.

This new impact investment fund, with a target of 100 million euros, aims at improving the lives of 2 million people and avoiding the emissions of up to 25 million tons of CO2 over a 20-year span.

More about LCF #2


Bernard Giraud
President & Co-Founder
Bernard is the President and Co-founder of Livelihoods Venture. Previously, he was the Vice-President of Sustainability and Shared Value Creation for Danone. He played a pivotal role in transforming Danone into a social innovation pioneer by integrating social responsibility and sustainable development in the company’s core strategy and business practices. Today, he continues to serve as Danone’s Senior Advisor on Sustainability and Shared Value Creation. Bernard was also the former CEO of Corporate Social Responsibility Europe (CSR-E), a leading European organization in the field of social responsibility.
Jean-Pierre Rennaud
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Jean-Pierre is the Managing Director, Co-Founder and Director of Operations for Livelihoods Venture. He was trained as a biochemical engineer and spent 30 years working for Danone in leading management roles. Prior to co-creating Livelihoods Venture, he served as Danone’s Environment Director from 2004 until 2010.
Guillaume Bouculat
Chief Operating Officer
Guillaume spent his first professional years in the financial sector in Europe and Latin America. In 2011, after returning to college and graduating in environmental economics, he transitioned to impact investment and joined forces with the two co-founders of Livelihoods Venture to help them set-up the business-model and first Livelihoods Carbon Fund. He started as CFO of the company and helped shape investment processes and practices and later, as Development Director, worked on the creation of the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming, a Fund that invests with industry leaders in sustainable supply chains. He now is the company’s COO and manages the Development, Financial and Technical teams towards the funds’ investments in impactful projects in the social, environmental and economic spaces.
Christine Porta
Finance Director
Christine developed key competencies in finance, administration, and operations in the B2B services sector for more than 20 years. She holds a dual MBA degree from the French business school EM Lyon and the University of Texas in Austin. She started her career in the Accor group, and subsequently became involved in a number of innovative projects in organizations of various sizes. Committed and passionate about environmental and societal issues, Christine also holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Environmental Management from Mines-Paris Tech.
Eric Servat
Director of Development
Eric joined Livelihoods Venture in 2016 bringing 17 years of private sector experience (procurement in FMCG companies) and 7 years of NGO experience (relief and development agencies). He has notably set up and managed public & private partnerships in the cocoa, spices and tropical oil supply chains in West Africa & South East Asia. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Clemson South Carolina University, a post graduate degree in International Trade & Logistics from Kedge Business school in Marseille, as well as a master’s degree in Sustainable Development & Organizations from Paris Dauphine University. At Livelihoods Venture, Eric leads a team of five managers focusing on building alliances, fundraising, project structuring and financial innovation.
Jérémie de Charentenay
Development Manager
Jérémie graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Environmental Economics from leading French university AgroParis Tech. He has worked for CDC Climat and Deloitte before spending two years as a management consultant in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
René-Charles Coumès
Senior Project Coordinator
Julian Galindo
Senior Project Coordinator
Julian is an agronomist with more than 10 years of experience designing and implementing concrete and innovative actions to support family farmers around the globe. He gained a sound field experience throughout more than 7 years living in different countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. He worked with different international NGOs in the fields of rural development, natural resources management and value chain development. He will leverage this track-record to contribute to the success of the Livelihoods Funds’ projects.
Youssef Abdelmalak
Finance Officer
Youssef comes from Egypt where he worked for more than 13 years as Chief Accountant for 5 years in the private sector (Egypt) as well as Treasury Accountant and Head of team in the banking sector (Middle East). He has a Bachelor of commerce - accounting section from Egypt and a Diploma in manager accounting from France. He also followed anti-money laundering and wealth management courses. As finance officer in our team, he operates the accounting and follow-up the treasury for Livelihoods Venture and the 2 funds. He also deals with the financial statements, VAT declarations, the human resources and administration tasks of Livelihoods Venture and elaborates and follows up the budget for funds as well as the company.
Sarah Megahed
Senior Development Officer
Sarah is an Egyptian-British national with a passion for public policy issues. She began her career doing impact evaluation for the Egyptian public sector and later working for 7+ years in an industrial conglomerate with a wide exposure to commodity markets, international supply chain, M&A due-diligence & regulatory interfaces. Sarah holds a master’s degree in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) from the Harvard Kennedy School. She is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Italian. Sarah joined Livelihoods Venture’s development team in 2017. She is mainly focused on the Livelihoods Carbon Fund 2, launched in December 2017, where she is responsible for the sourcing of the investment pipeline. Sarah has worked on the structuring of the Livelihoods Carbon Fund 2.
Nirmal Beura
Senior Project Coordinator
Nirmal joined Livelihoods Venture in 2017. He has significant grassroots experience working with rural communities in India and Afghanistan. He has developed and implemented market-linked smallholder livelihood programmes around agriculture, natural resources and livestock. Specifically, in India, he had a long association of 10 years with the tribal communities supporting microfinance groups of women to generate income from tropical agriculture. Similarly, in Afghanistan, he spent 6 years supporting farming communities to improve production for the temperate fruits and nuts markets. He has worked with international organizations such as PRADAN, Mercy Corps, and Traidcraft. Nirmal holds a master’s degree in Public Administration in International Development from Cornell University.
Rosa-Maria Vidal
Senior Project Coordinator
Rosa María Vidal is a Mexican conservationist with 30 years of experience. She is an expert in landscapes management, biodiversity conservation, multi-stakeholder initiatives and climate change. Rosa has been member of boards and councils of State, part of the technical team for the Forest Carbon Partnership Fund of the World Bank, as well as member of the REDD+ offsets working group for the California Jurisdictional Program. She was also the founder and Director of Pronatura Sur, a prestigious NGO in Southern Mexico, fighting for the poorest communities. In 2014 she moved to the USA where she became the Director of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Fund. She is also an Associate to the Centre for Protected Areas at Colorado State University where she leads an annual seminar on Women Leadership. Within the Livelihoods team she contributes with passion to find innovative solutions to address climate change, biodiversity conservation and improved livelihoods for the local livelihoods. She has a strong and transversal focus on gender equality and women empowerment.
Maribel Narvaez Gallardo
Senior Partnership Manager
Maribel has an extensive practical experience in the design and administration of complex development projects across multiple sectors in Africa, Latin America and Europe. She has worked closely with different UN agencies to promote sustainable economic growth of different regions worldwide through multi-countries initiatives focusing on strategic food chains. At Livelihoods Venture, Maribel is in charge of establishing and cultivating relationships with public and private institutions to create win-win outcomes for all stakeholders and nature and to further the impact of Livelihoods Funds initiatives. Maribel studied in Spain, England and France and holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering (food processing) and an International MBA.
Elise Maurin
Executive Assistant
Inès Sheikh Suliman
Finance Officer
Thomas Braschi
Senior Business Developer
Thomas has been involved in the transformation of sustainable agricultural value chains, multiple stakeholder projects and impact investing fields for the past 10 years. At Livelihoods Venture, he is leading the Vanilla program in Madagascar which is supporting a 3 000 farms transitioning to regenerative agriculture and a high value biodiversity preservation. Thomas is also in charge of structuring sustainable agriculture and forestry carbon investments in Africa and South East Asia as well as designing innovative financing facilities to reach high-scale impact in emerging and advanced economies. Prior to joining Livelihoods, Thomas was the Director France of “2 Degrees Investing Initiative”, a leading think tank on sustainable finance as well as a Managing Partner of GreenFlex and BeCitizen (Rothschild group), two environmental firms developing and implementing investment funds, consultancy, and projects.
Jean-Pierre Manchego Baca
Senior Project Manager & Business Developer
Jean-Pierre is an experienced strategy entrepreneur with proven negotiation, mediation and management skills. Graduated from Sciences Po in CSR and sustainable development as well as ESSEC Business School where he obtained his MBA, Jean-Pierre has previously worked as a UNFCCC member of delegation where he represented Peru during the international environmental negotiation process in the Conferences of the Parties (COP) to assess progress on climate change. Back in Peru, his home country, he was funded PRODESO NGO to empower family farmers and safeguard biodiversity in order to harmonize their development with the conservation of natural resources. Passionate about foreign languages and interculturality, Jean-Pierre speaks 4 languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. In Livelihoods, he is in charge of sustainable agricultural projects as well as business development.
Marion Daras
Director of Communication & Network
Marion deals with all the communication topics relating to the Livelihoods Funds. Passionate about intercultural communications, sustainable agriculture and social integration, she has spent more than 5 years in the public and private sector. She holds a Master 2 degree in Intercultural Management and speaks 4 languages: French, Greek, English and Spanish. She has a translation and French literature background.
Maikov Dumas
Senior Program Coordinator
Danny Torres
Senior Project Coordinator
& Carbon Referent
Nicolas Fabre
Senior Project Coordinator